Students get Punk’d for Greek Week’s Organized Cheer

Greek Week’s Organized Cheer [O-Cheer] could be heard across campus as five sororities and four fraternities competed against each other last Tuesday at the UC Patio.

“Usually this is everyone’s favorite and one of our biggest events because it’s so much fun,” Jill Borgess, O-Cheer chair, said. “The organizations work really hard on costumes, banners and cheers – it can get really competitive.”

Since O-Cheer’s theme was Punk’d, the participants were Punk’d at the event.

“Organizations were given a random, funny phrase to incorporate into their cheer right before they came on stage,” Borgess said.

Each organization was judged on creativity, spirit and enthusiasm, and use of theme. Cheers had to be under six-and-a-half minutes.

“We worked on O-Cheer for weeks,” Amy Collins, of Tri-Delta, said. “We were there all night sometimes.”

Fraternity gentlemen also put in an impressive show.

Sophomore Myke London, head of O-Cheer for Sigma Alpha Epsilon, said that his group started to create songs and scripts two weeks ago.

“It took us probably 30 hours, spread between five days, of dance and acting practice,” London said.

Some events included renditions of Celebrity Jeopardy and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

“Some of the dances were cheesy, but some of them are really funny,” Marvin Henderson, senior, said.

Overall, O-Cheer was a blast.

“The Greek population was really represented, and non-Greeks were given a chance to see what Greek Life was all about,” Katie Maloni, of Zeta Tau Alpha, said.

Anna Cubadelefe, a judge at O-Cheer, thought that the event was great.

“It was my first time,” Cubadelefe said. “They promoted Greek unity, and the music and interaction was a lot of fun.”

The winners of O-Cheer will be announced at closing ceremonies on Sunday at the Rat.

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