NYC Style The Big Apple’s invading MIA, and the city’s feeling it.

Walking on Lincoln Road is a unique experience, filled with savory restaurants, colorful retail shops, vintage boutiques, art galleries, and the mixed chaos of dogs barking, music cranking and the sweet salty smell of nearby South Beach; the outdoor mall is an overwhelming sensory overload. Adding to the experience is chic NYC original, Ricky’s Urban Groove, a unique, modish shop that simply cannot be defined. Opening only a week ago, Ricky’s occupies a sleek space positioned between Pennsylvania and Drexel avenues, near radiating restaurant hotspot the Cafeteria.

From the lights to the window displays, Ricky’s exudes a spunky and playful allure, begging to be penetrated by passersby. Once inside, Ricky’s is like a playground, full of novelties, beauty products, make-up, flip flops and even magnets; the two-story store’s intrigue never ends.

The store seems to be divided in sections- greeting customers in the front are walls lined with flip-flops, wigs and eclectic bags made by companies such as Transversion and Yazzy. In the middle, stacks of T-shirts with characters such as Care Bears and Happy Bunny, line the shelves above diamond-encrusted letter necklaces sparkling in the light, while nearby dashboard ornaments spring back and forth on their coils.

Towards the back of the store, past the reading glasses, the Rosie the Riveter action figure, array of henna body art and feathery as a butterfly-wing-like fake eyelashes are the beauty products.

At least four aisles filled the back from floor to ceiling with guys and girls hair products; concoctions made of seaweed, brightly colored gels, and funky bottles of ooze all vying for a potential buyer’s attention. Not to be forgotten are the straighteners, curling irons, and regular drug store finds such as cotton balls, nail polish, and tweezers that also call Ricky’s their home.

Despite the funk and flair, up the neon lit metal stairs and past the rainbow of fuzzy feather boas, Ricky’s serves up some natural care, just in case all the flair down below isn’t to your liking. Among the natural wooden shelves the faint scents of aromatherapy linger next to scrubbing sea salts and regular Banana Boat aloe, perfect for when that SoBe sun has made sun worshipper’s skin so pink that it matches the new seasons’ Lacoste polo.

However, just when things can’t seem to get any better, Ricky’s has a surprise. Hidden behind dangling whips and a sign that says you must be 18 to enter, Ricky’s has a sex room. Not quite stacked to the max with products, the sex room contains all things to do with sex. Books, condoms, and “play-things” reside in one corner while games, calendars, cards, and ehem-unmentionables-reside in another. The assortment is mind-boggling and the room the size of UM’s dorms, is almost as interesting as all of Ricky’s itself. In general, the store gets a person buzzing like a few New York cocktails and will have anyone raving about it’s enigmatic yet pleasurable appeal.

Ricky’s Urban Groove is located at 536 Lincoln Rd. and is the first location outside of the Big Apple, however, its plethora of baubles will be infiltrating the Shops of Mayfair in Coconut Grove in the upcoming months. Hours are 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. weekdays and weekends are played by ear. If you just can’t wait and don’t have a car go to for more information.

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