To the Editor:

I’m not involved in either side of the affirmative action debate, but as a reader I’m very disappointed in the journalistic integrity of this newspaper.

I see now that I was under the misconception that a university paper was supposed to be unbiased and show all sides of an issue. The reporting on the controversy over ACT’s affirmative action bake sale has been grossly biased towards the larger, and more vocal, groups. It seems as if this paper represents the opinions of COISO, FEC, UBS and SpectrUM, and wishes to paint ACT in a bad light. This seems highly unfair.

The only section of your paper that seemed to put this whole affair in its proper perspective wasn’t actually written by the paper’s staff: Tuesday’s letter to the editor by an unnamed reader. Sadly, though, this piece was pushed onto another page and separated from all other coverage of this event. This letter should have been placed better, or, in the best case scenario, been used by your writers as an example to follow on how to write their opinions without allowing it to color the tone of the story, as this may affect the views of the reader.

I wish a piece would be written on both the bake sale and the counter bake sale that would show both viewpoints as they are: not only as passionate, but also intelligent and justified.


Nicole Treco (Sophomore)