To the Editor:

I am a member of the University of Miami Honor Council and enjoy reading this paper. The problem is, every once in a while you guys seem to get some things wrong, and this week’s cartoon, while amusing and thoughtful, seems to be one of those times. I would call myself a pretty liberal guy; hey, I hate George W. Bush as much as the next guy (I’ve read Al Franken), but, there was no College Republican evil cake plot to take over the UM’s voting populace, though evil cake does seem up Bush’s alley.

The event described in the cartoon was in fact an Honor Council event. We cut a cake and had a raffle to promote an Honor Council Video design contest and to spread the message of academic integrity. The day was designated as an “AI Day” and the Council had been tabling throughout the school. We had not reserved the space on “The Rock,” and they had. They were nice enough to allow us to steal some glory and hold our raffle off to the side of their table; hence the confusion. The College Republicans were actually rather generous about it, which goes to show that even conservatives can be nice.

These opinions are my own of course and the Honor Council is not affiliated with any political party, but I can say that the cake was, in fact, very good.


Ashvin Reddy (Senior)