FASHION A little green for your gator

Lincoln Road’s State was crawling with gators Friday night as Lacoste showcased their 2004 Spring Collection. Although no alligator laden polos were given to the guests, they were treated to free Cosmos and Martinis courtesy of VOX Vodka. The crowd itself fused Hampton’s regulars with the typical South Beach socialites. Go figure.

Judging by the turnout for the show, the alligator shirts have taken over more than just campus fashion. Although they may have dropped off the radar in the ’80s, they are becoming one of the must-haves for the season, particularly that pink one for men.

The fashions themselves weren’t really surprising, guys and girls had polos in a rainbow of colors, although one model featured a white tube top with rainbow trim and a matching low-rise skirt, which displayed more skin than would be expected from your typical Lacoste. The outfit of the evening was a tangerine polo with fitted khaki Capris and a matching tangerine belt. The only questionable fashion for classic style was having one sleeve rolled up. Hopefully gangsta style will stay on the runway and off of the streets. Featuring nothing new, Lacoste delivered its usual casual style.

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