The Reptile
Love that little green croc? Well if Lacoste is dear to your heart, check out the spring Lacoste fashion show at State tonight. State, located at 320 Lincoln Road, promises complimentary VOX martinis and cocktails until 11 p.m. and one hell of a runway. RSVP to attend this rather cheeky event.

Roots Jam Festival
Drop by Tobacco Road Roots Jam Festival Saturday, for some hot action, three stages, indoors & out, featuring groups such as Kynda, Drums & Tuba, Glass, The Baboons, and Suenalo Sound System.

Because in Normal Taxis Death Awaits
Fatboy Taxi is a one-man show and UM’s greatest secret. Started about five years ago Fatboy Taxi offers trips to South Beach and Ft. Laudy for reduced prices and is hilariously funny and rather up to date on celebrity news, which makes for an even more exciting taxi ride. Two perks, Fatboy doesn’t drive like a maniac and he promises a free Polaroid picture with each trip. Call Early! 305-345-3445

Oscars Succumb to Actor’s Fancy
Bill Murray, nominated for Lost In Translation, agreed to present at the Academy Awards if and only if the orchestra would not play to cut him off no matter what he said or did. They agreed. So expect something outrageous regardless of the 5-minute delay.

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