Miami’s two most popular vintage boutiques stack up

Miami is known to the world as a fashion center, however, unlike Paris, Milan or New York, fashion isn’t based on who is walking down the runway, fashion is based on individual tastes and a flair for fun – nothing is too unique for MIA.

While many of the on campus label whores worry if their Gucci clashes with their Coach or if their pumas match their new Urban tee (boys), it’s Miami’s vintage that really creates noteworthy fashion. Introducing Miami Twice and Fly Boutique, Miami’s hippest and hottest vintage fashion stores, showcasing all that is hot in dj vu designs. Who says new means better anyways?

Miami Twice has been open for 20 years, serving the Miami area with vintage clothing, jewelry, shoes, costume rentals, bags, and masks; there’s no question Miami Twice is a unique store. One look at the mannequins in the window lounging on a chase and cuddling with a flamingo tells you there is much to be found behind the glass doors. Inside, the store is a sight to be seen: to the left, vintage dresses by Pucci, Gucci, Prada, and Diane Von Furstenberg, to the right are bags, shoes, and strangely, a rocking horse. Racks and racks of hidden treasures from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and even early 90’s, hang delicately from metal hangers, each priced from the $35-$200 range. Above, a rainbow of fluffy skirts reminiscent of the play turned movie Seven Wives for Seven Brothers hang contently, their ruffles extending to an almost three foot span of layered chiffon. On the walls, Venetian masks, wigs, and men’s hats rest delicately on mannequin heads, beside the register lucite jewelry fills a glass case while cocktail rings and aged ivory fill a 50’s boudoir. Across the room bushy boas rain down like jungle vines on ceiling suspended rails. In the back, men’s jeans cover a wall from floor to ceiling and radiating from behind crystal clear glass sliders, vintage Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci purses sit in mint condition, their $120 price tags begging for them to be bought.

With prices that compare to popular favorites Hollister, AE, and Express, Miami Twice is one of the most interesting stores in the Miami area. Hours can be spent perusing through the racks of clothing, admiring the unique handbags, and laughing at the ridiculousness of the black platform boots made for men. If the idea of wearing twice-worn clothing isn’t appealing, Miami Twice great for jewelry finds, reconstructed skirts and tops (like the ones at Urban Outfitters), guys tees, such as one with a print of Michael Jackson, and mini skirts that will make anyone’s head turn, guy or girl. Hours are Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.; averaging 100 customers a day Miami Twice proves that fun, funky, and vintage are definitely fashion musts.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, seasoned vintage lovers spend time in Lincoln Road’s Fly Boutique. About half the age of Miami Twice, Fly Boutique carries to the slightly more up nosed characters that prefer to adorn their bodies with clothes that even aged, cost more than $40 or $50. However Fly Boutique is rightly named, with an earthy and somewhat ethereal feel the clothes in Fly Boutique are as classic and ageless as the paintings on the wall. Juxtaposed to the chaos on the mall outside the store is rather laid back with everything from the Victorian red velvet chairs to the register table coming from a time period other than the present. Labels such as Pucci, Saint Laurent, and Gucci can be seen among the racks, tie-dyed dresses, shear tops, furs, and $87 Roberto Cavalli jeans rest on the women’s side. On the right, the men’s side is full of bright button ups, classic relaxed jeans, leather jackets, a few retro tees, and a few trucker hats dot the expanse of clothing. In the bags section, Vintage MIU MIU, Gucci and Coach are priced at a mere $115 and $110, bargains compared to prices of present pieces.

Although Fly Boutique is a bit small, the store is packed with an eclectic mix of pieces, catering to everyone wanting to be a part of the vintage frenzy. Classic, the vintage found within the four walls has no expiration date, a perk that nullifies any misgivings about shelling out bucu dollars for something that could be at least two decades old. Overall Fly Boutique is an experience and definitely a must when shopping for vintage- the level of class exuded almost makes you want to call it couture. Fly Boutique is open until 10 p.m., just late enough to take a visit before heading out for a late dinner, head to Fly Boutique to slip into the past and be fly in the present.

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