I write this letter to you first as a student of UM and second as a presidential candidate. As the student body becomes more involved in Student Government, and as more candidates (20 this year) run for those top three positions, we can expect to see more competition between the campaigns. Three years ago one would never find the presidential hopefuls outside all day working the crowds. One would also not see a student dress as a pirate to attract attention while handing out flyers. But as the creativity of these campaigns has soared, the distances some candidates are willing to go has astounded me. The election has rules, which are enforced by the Election Commissioners to assure that no one is able to seek an unfair advantage or to illegally change the opinions of students. But this year the rules have blatantly been used as an offensive weapon by one ticket against others. Instead of these rules ensuring that the best candidate will win, they have been twisted to possibly allow the biggest snake to win.

I write this letter to educate the leaders of this campus and the student body of the filth I have seen during this election. But, please, do not believe that it extends to all of the tickets. I have made several great friends during this experience. Two of my competitors for the presidency could easily become some of my best friends. I would be proud to work with or for them if either they or I should win. But there are those who do not seek to serve their school through service but only to deceive it and better only their own positions.


Peter Maki