Hoyes shows drastic improvement with consistent preparation

John “Shauny” Hoyes, a sophomore tennis player at the University of Miami, is conquering challenges on the court and in the classroom by adhering to significant but simple habits that lead to success.

Head Coach Bryan Getz has recognized these qualities in the improvement of Hoyes’ game over the past year.

“Shauny’s a great example of getting the work in.,” Getz said. “He’s improved a lot since the fall, and that’s mainly because he has adopted a very consistent work ethic.”

Hoyes, who is a resident of Miami, said that he was “born a ‘Cane” and always wanted to play tennis for the University of Miami.

“My father also played for UM and that has sort of drawn me to wanting to be a Hurricane,” he said.

The overall spirit displayed by the students and the academic and athletic opportunities presented by the university were a major factor in his decision.

Both of his parents are also major players on the tennis court of support.

“My parents push me to do well in the classroom as well as on the tennis court,” Hoyes said. “Just knowing that I have them behind my back just makes me feel like I can do anything if I really stick to it.”

Hoyes’ father was not the only one to influence his interest in tennis.

“I’d have to say that Arthur Ashe would be the most influential athlete to me,” he said.

Hoyes said that he could relate to Ashe on several levels, but still realizes that, “I can’t even imagine what he had to go through, with the increased racial strife in America at the height of his career.”

“He is not only remembered for his tennis but for what he has done off the court to help many less fortunate people…I think that’s the most important aspect of his career.”

Hoyes has had some ups and downs in his career, but prides himself on consistency in his preparation for matches.

“I just stick to my game plan no matter what,” Hoyes said. “Another habit I try to practice is staying positive.”

Throughout the remainder of the season, Hoyes will make his main goal to simply stay healthy. He said that he wants to maintain a solid singles and doubles record, but is more focused on helping the team win the Big East Championship.

The University of Miami will be hearing a great deal more about Hoyes and his teammates for years to come. The team has no juniors or seniors and is primed for success with existing and potential talent.

Hoyes, as a second year player, is working on taking his coaches advice to live for the present to heart.

“If you stick to something and just keep at it, it will eventually happen.”

Larry Nolan can be contacted at l.nolan@umiami.edu.