LETTER TO THE EDITOR Re: Editorial “Vote Vance”, Feb. 20

Re: Editorial “Vote Vance”, Feb. 20

To the editor:
Your editorial supporting the candidacy of Vance Aloupis for Student Government President has reached yet another level of unprofessional journalism. Besides the fact that a newspaper’s endorsement violates its role as an objective source of information, the statements made about the candidates in this particular editorial are based more on one person’s or one group’s perception of the candidates than on their platforms and proposals. I find the description of Don Donelson as someone who “comes across as an angry ivy-league reject” to be insulting to the candidate and to the entire student body. My perception is that if The Miami Hurricane can insult a candidate, it can insult any UM student. It is not the role of The Miami Hurricane to publish anything that will degrade a candidate. The editorial criticizes Chris Clark, Carlos Echeverri and Billy Bludgus, saying that experience in Student Government alone does not make them prepared to take over the presidency. Then why does the editor also criticize Don Donelson and Scott Wacholtz for not having Student Government experience? I would also like to know if anyone on the editorial board has proof that Peter Maki has been “delegating responsibility within his fraternity.” Although I have the utmost respect for Vance Aloupis and all of the Student Government candidates, it seems that these attacks on behalf of The Miami Hurricane may have been motivated by some hidden agenda. I strongly urge The Miami Hurricane to practice journalistic professionalism when writing future editorials.

Daniel I. Pedreira