Sex Sketches Puttin’ a spin on Pictionary

Sex Sketchers, the new dirty game on the market, is causing a ruckus everywhere it lands. The game is made to be a component of, as the instructions say, “that other drawing game that rhymes with “Dictionary,” only this time the game gets to turn dirty. The silk black cards come in a deck with the top card proudly displaying the name in a font reminiscent of the Magic cards, but this time, a parental advisory warning explicit content is located in the bottom right corner. In a world full of nudity, profanity, and violence, parental advisories mean about as much as the promise of extra pickles at McDonald’s; however, one shuffle and, no joke, Sex Sketchers is dirty, shockingly dirty. The 100 cards in the deck are color-coded, parallel to real Pictionary cards. The categories and colors are broken down into yellow for people, places, or animals; blue for objects; beige for actions; green for difficult topics, and red for opening guessing by both teams. And holding back is not an option: each category is on the verge of busting with sexual slang, dirty medical terms and plain pornographic terminology. Terms such as “Spank the Monkey,” “Camel Toe,” and “Dominatrix” are littered all over the cards, but it’s the terms bound by the beige box that send anyone into a fit of giggles true to middle school style, when the opposite sex still had cooties. The game requires all the natural elements of Pictionary: teams, a dry erase board, dice, and of course the ultimate pressure, the timer. Aside from that Sex Sketchers does all the rest of the work, whether sober or slightly intoxicated (recommended), the cards provide endless hours of laughs. Listening to friends struggle to find the term to describe what seems to be what engulfed Miss Jackson’s exposed nipple during the Superbowl half-time show makes it to the top of the list of classic college moments. Play Sex Sketchers for some good fun but mind the warning on the website, “should not be played by Priests, Nuns, Saints, Pastors, Mormons, Monks, Jehovah Witnesses, and the faint of heart.” Add people who are squeamish about anything involving almost everyone’s favorite topic, sex, because these cards are just plain vulgar.

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