but She’s keeping the dream house
The hottest couple in all of history is finally over…
Barbie and Ken have recently split and the world is up in arms. Mattel announced last week that Barbie and Ken were splitting due to differences; apparently the couple, which have been connected for over 40 years now, have decided that it was time for a break. Barbie, who has been marketed as everything from a doctor to a pop diva has outshined Ken for several years now, surviving without Ken’s commitment. Rumor has it that Barbie is now heading to Cali to work on her already glowing tan and frolic in the surf with new crush, Australian boarder Blaine. Only time will tell if Ken will become vengeful and fraternize with Barbie’s hot friends, Teresa and Lara. Can we say mnage?

Ambitious and hopeful? Word is out that stations are looking for new VJ’s in, forget this…South America. Talent agencies are scouring the country for new VJ’s for shows related to ones that air on what used to be music channel MTV. Hit up the COM school for applications and make sure to give a shout out to The Hurricane for letting the word out.

HAAA-VAhD GETS DIRTY… in the yaaahd, in the backseat of yah caaah..
Announcement, Announcement…Harvard University has just approved a student porn magazine. Featuring art, sex advice, and fiction, the glossy pages are supposedly “a publication for freedom of expression.” Titled the H-bomb, Harvard’s new porn mag will feature everything and anything sexual, the only stipulation is no on-campus photos, due to university liability.

And for all the single mingles out in MIA, guess what? You survived Valentine’s Day. Congratulations, it wasn’t so bad.