To the Editor:

The recent “Letter to the Editor” by Don Donelson made me seriously reconsider my application for a US citizenship. I was born in Germany, lived there for 15 years and still have strong ties to family and friends there. In short, I would consider myself a little bit more knowledgeable than Mr. Donelson on what the average European thinks about Americans.

He attacks Mr. Lockhart’s original position by arguing, “Mr. Lockhart…only portrayed a small minority of British opinion” and then tries to defend his own by citing the results of surveys. Surely, surveys do not cover every Briton. As recent as three months ago, Dean was supposed to be the nominee for the Democratic Party, and we all know what has happened since. Three months is, quite frankly, a long time in politics. Especially since in that time evidence about the non-existence of alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD) has come to light.

It is indeed true that the average European thinks of US citizens as obese, war-mongering, French fry loving, coffee drinking, gun loving world police who are welcomed almost nowhere, despite receiving its orders directly from God. Ah yes, we are welcomed in Iraq, according to our Texan president Mr. Bush. That’s why they keep shooting at us.

And who is to say Americans aren’t stereotyping other people as well? The average American believes that all British have bad teeth, all the French do is eat baguette and drink red wine, and Germans consume massive quantities of Sauerkraut, drink beer and walk around in Lederhosen.

I came to this country because of the opportunities that are not to be had elsewhere. These very opportunities probably constitute most of the hatred and jealousy felt against the United States. Unfortunately, it appears as if this country is incapable of dealing with such assertions short of attacking (verbally or more often physically) the offender. Exhibit A: Mr. Donelson.

Felix Boecker