Lockwood is self-labeled as industrial rock, and a few tracks on this album might please fans of that genre. His song “Meat Parade” is the most (if not the only) ear-friendly song, and it is supposedly getting played on college radio stations around the country. The first minute of the track “Do Not Disturb” is actually entertaining, as Lockwood’s arrangement is somewhat upbeat. This lasts for about a minute until he slows it down and it reverts to the monotonous, depressing sound that makes up most of the album.

Lockwood’s only real success is his dark but poetic writing. The lyrics could be enough to give this album more consideration if you could only hear them over the thumping bass and repeating machine noises in the background.

This CD is worth checking out for those who are into rather abstract and dark industrial rock that does seem to have some depth. It’s a shame that a lot of people won’t appreciate Lockwood, because he is an artist with something to say. As far as music goes, however, it takes more than just an artistic streak to produce something that people will want to listen to.

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