Art for your ears: Savath & savalas fill the void

Putting a pair of artists from opposite ends of the musical spectrum sometimes brings about magic. This is the case of odd duo Savath & Savalas, consisting of alternative hip-hopper Guillermo Scott Herren (a.k.a. Profuse 73) and Catalan singer/songwriter Eva Puyuelo Muns. The result of their Spanish-language album Apropa’t is the breathtaking, at least relaxing, sounds, heavily inspired by the classical Catalan folk music of Spain.

The haunting vocal beauty that both artists contribute does not compete against but rather complements the soothing instrumentals: classical guitar, harmonium, concertina, bajo sexto, guitarron, and harps. In addition, most tracks have a hint of futuristic sound effects reminiscent of Radiohead’s O.K. Computer or Art of Noise’s Moments in Love.

The tone of the album, which is set immediately by the minute-long “Introduccion” (track 1), is generally somber with a hint of optimism in the horizon. Its content is streamlined with the first instrumental track smoothly leading into almost immediate, but blended, vocals from the second track, “Te quiero pero por otro lado…” (Literally, “I love you, but on the other hand…”).

Savath & Savalas provided a refreshing 42-minute, 14-track experience. A fairly laid back artistic product, Apropa’t brings forth emotion without too much stimulation. Let the tracks play for some appropriate romantic background music for Valentine’s Day.

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