New band signs on to ‘Cane Records

The latest band to be signed by ‘Cane Records is ready to party. Unison, an acoustic R&B trio, has already created quite a following, selling over 500 copies of their self-produced CD Unison Live at local venues.

Unison was formed in 1998 by three talented Miami locals – UM student Adrian Gordon, Miami-Dade Community College student Miguel Ruiz and FIU student Leo Bradley.

“Unison’s music is unique – it’s fresh and it’s fun,” Gordon said. “At live shows we want people to see and experience our music. We love what we do and want the crowd to feel the same way.”

Gordon won second place in 2002’s fifth annual John Lennon Scholarship National Song Writing Competition. With gigs all over town and a performance of the National Anthem on ESPN last year, Unison should have many things to look forward to in 2004.

Unison’s debut CD under ‘Cane Records, All Things Considered… is coming out in February and promises to show the boys are more than just pretty faces.

“We really believe that the Unison CD will be successful,” Matt Stover, vice president of marketing at ‘Cane Records, said. “It is acoustic R&B and it’s really smooth. You just don’t see that kind of laid-back, mellow music in the marketplace right now.”

‘Cane Records, created in 1993, was the first student-run record label in the nation. According to Stover, it gives music business majors first-hand experience dealing with the music industry.

” ‘Cane Records functions exactly like a regular record label,” said Stover, who is grateful for the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom. “We’re responsible for finding talent, recording them, contractual matters, marketing them, etc.”

“The ‘Cane Records experience is not solely for music majors, but is for anyone ready and willing to teach themselves how to excel on the corporate level, be it in music, business, communications or law.” Eric Stinnett, president of ‘Cane Records, said.

The label has recorded more than ten albums in all genres and is a financially self-sufficient, fully operational company.

“We operate with funding generated solely from our student executive board and employees,” Stinnett said. “‘Cane Records gives students a taste of what running their own business is like.”

Not only is ‘Cane Records releasing All Things Considered… by Unison this semester, but also a second album, Eye of the Storm, by UM’s Band of the Hour. The label is also producing a promotional video to attract corporate attention.

‘Cane Records’ new CD release, Eye of the Storm features over 100 members from the UM Band of the Hour playing all of the UM fight songs heard in the Orange Bowl during UM football games. It also has versions of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love,” Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity” and other selections from Pink and Justin Timberlake.

Unison is holding its official CD release party at Gameworks on Thursday, Feb.19. All students are invited to attend and watch the band perform. UM students who present their ‘Cane Card can play free from 9-10 p.m., and ‘Cane Records will be giving out prizes.

Both records will be available at the Virgin Megastore. For more information, visit and, or stop by ‘Cane Records in the Panhellenic Building.

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