To the Editor:

A couple of issues ago, I happened upon an editorial written by Mr. Wacholtz explaining why the left was weak, and among other things, why France had everything but American’s best interests at heart. Today, Wacholtz has unleashed another gem, this time aligning German Justice Minister Herta Daeubler-Gmelin’s comments about Bush to his own misguidedness.

I agree – what she said was wrong. But in no way was it “instructive in showing that Americans aren’t unique in their ignorance of their own history.” I have serious doubts that anyone in Schroder’s office has erased Nazi Germany from the books. Interestingly enough, when history teaches you something, sometimes you learn.

Note that countries that opposed the war were countries that have been ravaged by war many times. We could easily debate over certain politicians in the U.S who alleged that the American apartheid was just a slight blemish on our otherwise perfect score. Let’s not, though.

Speak on Mr. Wacholtz: it’s your constitutional right. But like the right, don’t fall into the pitfalls of wild allegations and faulty connections.

The German government are not Nazis. No, the French do not have everything but America’s interests at heart. And no, Moveon.org is not an extremist organization. Moveon, as well as the campaigns of most of the Dem’s running this year, are grassroots movements. That means they are run by people, not corporations and interest groups. The ads that were entered in the competition are sometimes imperfect.

The ad that actually won, was simple, effective, and most of all true. CBS didn’t air it because it was too political. 340,000 people called CBS to oppose this censorship, including the ACLU, several Republican members of Congress, and hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Still hungry? Tune in to ABC, FOX, or CBS for a wonderful ad for Bush, and the merits of hunting ducks with assault rifles.

Jonathan Mason

Alum, SOC ’02