South Florida Blood Bank makes monthly visits to UM

The South Florida Blood Bank [SFB], a nonprofit organization, comes to UM the first Monday and Tuesday of every month in hopes of attracting youths to help save lives. SFB is the only source of blood for Jackson Memorial Hospital and Ryder Trauma Center.

Studies show that one in 10 people will be a blood recipient during his or her lifetime. Because the nation is currently in critical condition in terms of blood availability, experts say anyone who meets the criteria for donating blood should.

During this month’s visit, they were able to collect about 60 pints of blood. Though this may seem like a lot, Magda Campoamor, representative from SFB, says this is only enough blood for one heart or liver transplant. It is often the amount of blood needed to treat injuries from car accidents.

“Every pint makes a difference,” Campoamor said, who donates blood every two months. “Plus, you never know when you’ll be needing blood.”

Donors like senior Dana Szpunar and junior Carolyn Vickers say that they try to donate as often as possible.

“Thirty minutes of my time can save someone’s life, so why not?” Vickers said as she finished donating.

Szpunar said further that the perks to donating blood, such as free shirts and a DVD player he won once, are “icing on the cake.”

The next blood drive will be during Greek Week.

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