BOOB! (okay, done.)
Janet and Justin, the media lovin’ duo, already rumored to have been knockin’ boots, have been overexposed, literally and figuratively; the media should get over it already. Playing the clip seven times in 10 minutes? And speaking of which, where is the coy Ms. Diaz in all this? Doesn’t she care that her wanted beau is exposing boobs on national television?

pearl lacks luster
More like a Gem…who said Pearl was so cool in SoBe lately, swarms of students flock to the hidden hotspot every weekend; ladies, do the gentlemen a favor, take an arm or the bouncers will send them packing and you’ll be left dancing with could-be-your-father-guidos dying to subtly molest you. Ick.

back to the same ‘ole
Attn: Dry rush is over, ladies, hit up the frat parties, laden with baby face jocks and beer guzzling animals, high chances of getting lucky…low chances of finding a keeper. And don’t even think about finding a stud for Valentine’s Day.

51st in the union
New club STATE opens up tonight in SoBe on Lincoln Road, Ocean Drive’s sponsoring the party; look for the review in Tuesday’s issue.

of course
The Battle continues…@ Churchill’s Pub, of course: Battle of the Bands rocks 2nd Street in little Haiti this Saturday night, Feb. 7, 2004.

And finally…because we know you are all going to try and make up for the lack of a sloppy Saturday last weekend a la Florida Weather here’s a recovery tip: eat a piece of burnt toast the morning after; something about it just makes you feel better.