Re: If the battle’s not over, why has feminism died?, 1/27

To the Editor:
I loved Horacio Sierra’s article in The Hurricane and I’m not even a UM student. I have applied to UM, and I read the paper to get an idea of what the student body is like. Your editorial assuaged my fears that all UM students are superficial and think Cosmopolitan, the example you chose, is more important than a textbook.

Gabriela Auon, Omaha, Nebraska

To the Editor:
Horacio, you’re absolutely correct. Our generation of women takes everything for granted and many don’t realize that inequalities between men and women still exist. A large part of the problem is as you said – women think that it’s a choice between standing up for women’s rights or being feminine and sexy, a choice between beauty and brains. For some I think they are simply scared of the consequences of speaking up, even if the consequences are unjust. Your column was also intriguing to me because I recently read a column in the New York Times on the exact same topic.

Jessica Hall