It is no longer impossible to picture President George W. Bush being dragged behind a car, eyes staring straight ahead, pants on fire. This was the strange sight that greeted all those who passed by Stanford Circle last Friday afternoon.

A large statue of President Bush was on display for approximately one hour, the trademark of Pants on Fire campaign. According to the Pants On Fire website, this is “a campaign to make Americans aware that George Bush has lied about many of the most important issues facing our country.”

A small protest accompanied the statue, with students holding anti-Bush signs and passing out flyers. Signs included such slogans as “The State of the Union should be about the State of the Union” and “It’s clearly a budget – it’s got lots of numbers on it.”

Eventually, a police car drove into Stanford Circle and students disbanded while the statue was driven away.

These kinds of events are expected to become more prevalent on campus as the 2004 presidential elections draw near. UM is the site of the first presidential debates on Sep. 30.