VOLUME 81, NUMBER 27 Yeah, so, perhaps you or a friend or an innocent bystander had the misfortune to pick up the early print edition our last issue, and massive confusion ensued. Looks like The Miami Hurricane, feels like The Hurricane- same gentle-as-a-paralytic-lamb news section, same identity-crisis-abounding arts & entertainment section, same skeevy-old-dude classifieds. But what’s missing? (Hint: It was our 90 point Helvetica Bold Condensed all-caps front page nameplate! Oooooh.) We would like to apologize for this while simultaneously placing the majority of the blame on our printer, The Miami Herald. And while we’re at it, we’d also like to blame The Herald for bland-at-best news coverage, being six months behind even The Pensacola News Journal on fashion and entertainment trends, and spending millions on their poo-poo redesign when there are starving children in Botswana.