Picture this: A movie theatre-like setting, where the usual flat-screen is substituted for an intimate stage where seven or so talents stop at no lengths to “bring you to your knees.” This is the kind of thing that goes on at the Miami Improv Festival. Public service announcements asking for “10 cents a day” for the oppressed “Viking population” are just the beginning. The festival consists of various groups of Improv comedians from South Florida coming together under one roof for one ultimate purpose: to tickle your funny bone to exhaustion. Each group gets an hour to try their wit at making the audience squeal with laughter. To compare this experience, one may say that this sort of art is very similar to the hilarious hi-jinks of Drew Carey and Co. on the hit ABC show, Who’s Line Is It Anyway?– a show which was actually inspired by the original Improv comedians stemming from bars and clubs. So if you like the show, you’ll definitely like the festival. It’s live, un-cut, and they take on-the-spot suggestions from the audience; so audience participation isn’t only encouraged, it’s required. Now can you get that from your T.V.? This is an excellent alternative for all you movie theatre regulars…change it up a bit!

The festival is on till Saturday the 31st, so run on over there tonight; it’s just seven minutes away from campus, right inside the Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium. If you miss the festival, don’t fret; you can still catch the hosts of the festival, “Just the Funny,” every Friday and Saturday at 9 p.m. There isn’t a person on campus that shouldn’t show up. Everyone enjoys a good laugh, so show up and have a great one. Special snaps to “Impromedy” for their absurdly hilarious skit poking fun at the Cuban culture and for their “AB Pen” infomercial, “Yes, you too can have glorious abs in just seconds!” DON’T MISS IT!

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