This week’s topic: FITNESS

Want to get in shape for the new year?

10 things to keep in mind:

1. Start easy and move up.
2. Eat sensible meals every three to four hours.
3. Stretch!
4. Work out with friends.
5. Do cardiovascular exercise for 30 minutes to an hour every other day.
6. Lift weights on non-cardio days.
7. Celebrate small successes.
8. Take a day off every once in a while.
9. Take front, back and side pics of
yourself once a month to keep
track of your progress.
10. Keep a journal or calendar of daily exercise activities and calorie intake.
Upcoming programs:

The Wellness Center will be launching its ‘Cane Quick Fit Challenge.
This program provides a comprehensive fitness program plus encourages proper nutrition. Watch for materials on campus describing the program.
The Wellness Center also offers a fitness room, fitness classes, intramural and club sports, racquetball courts, indoor swimming pool, basketball courts and much more. Get in some extra activity by walking to class or around the new walking trail.
The Wellness Center also offers nutrition consultants and personal trainers.

For more information on these programs, please contact the Wellness Center at 305-284-LIFE.