THE BLUE ONE, OR THE PINK? Follow us to a tee party

Deluz Designs, meaning “from light” in Spanish, named for a previous business venture, debuted their hot tees this past week in Miami’s own Design District. Deluz hosted a sexy tee party on Wednesday the 21st from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., promising a good time with music and drinks. But promises need not be made as the line of tees spoke for themselves. Climbing the stairs to loft 302 the beats could be heard before entering the door, along with the low hum of people conversing, drowning out the sound of the rain outside and the expectations lingering in the back of minds. Inside, the shirts were displayed modestly on sawhorses, a clothesline, a paint splashed ladder, and numerous tables of raw lumber. Gillian, creator and designer of the tees created a slew of shirts in about four days, previous to the debut party, proving her creative genius. Moving from Chicago one year ago, Gillian and partner Eric, a phenomenal mosaic artist, say that they “like to intertwine all their skills.” Some of Eric’s mosaic designs, particularly the sexy and demure silhouette of a dancing girl appear on the tees, printed squarely on tie dyed tank tops ranging in colors from teal to gray. The shirts covered a range of fabrics and designs, catering to the wide clientele. Specifically aimed towards women, the shirts were mostly love themed, although one long sleeved shirt with slit sleeves proudly stated, “Why be a rock and not a roll?” Some of the other favorites were a red velvet top, a yellow cap sleeve tee with a brown dump-trunk print, and cotton tees with prints of vintage cars and sayings of besos (kisses) and amor (love). Not to be left out boys white cotton tees hung on the side, decorated with brown prints of vintage cars and machinery. For now the tees will be displayed in the loft, Gillian and Eric’s work and living space. Shirts ran from about $25 to $50, with most resting in the $27 to $35 range, extremely affordable for attaining one of these masterpieces of fashion. Deluz Designs can be contacted at 305-576-1755 and is located in downtown Miami. Fall in love with these sexy tees and make a statement that no one will be able to resist staring at.

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