Parties off campus were in abundance off Red Road this weekend, fingers crossed that the infamous Gables house parties will be just as crunked this coming week.

Margarita Mama’s SAT casting call, probably one of the most ghetto castings to ever occur, the Grove was poppin’ but c’mon, National Lampoons Study Hard Party Harder?

It appears Big is returning on Sex and the City’s final episode (set to air February 22) and the show will make its way to Paris, France that is… The final episode of Friends was filmed on Friday (1/23). The hour long series finale is set to air on May 6, but in the meantime there are still 8 new episodes on the way including one with Danny Devito guest starring as a- hold your breathe- STRIPPER…(absot). In odd twist of Hollywood events, actress Christina Applegate is one of the jurors for Robert Blake’s murder trial, what the hell? Rapper Mystikal (aka Michael Taylor) has been sentenced to six years in prison on charges of sexual battery (another rapper showing true colors)… and as for the Britney break-up, Spears reportedly paid off ex Jason Alexander $560,000 for their 55 hours of marriage (seriously, downplaying the sanctity of marriage, is that absolutely necessary?)… 62 year old Art Garfunkle (of Simon & Garfunkle) was busted for marijuana possession. Ha.

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