New SG correspondent to provide firsthand news coverage

Student Government [SG] is undoubtedly an important part of college life: a voice to those unable to have their voice heard, and a place where students can really get things done.

UM’s SG has achieved great things in the past and in 2003 was rated “Best Student Government” in Florida Leader magazine.

What is SG doing now?

Firstly, I’m proud to introduce myself as the new SG weekly commentator for The Hurricane.

You may well have seen content about SG before, but I will be commenting directly on SG proceedings instead of relying on reports submitted by SG officers.

This is a huge step forward for both SG and the newspaper, since it recognizes a need for something other than self-regulation.

In this column I will be commenting on SG proceedings that affect us as students, as well as giving you a closer look into the upcoming SG elections and the candidates hoping to win your vote.

And of course I’ll be present at all Senate meetings on Wednesdays from 4 to 6 p.m. in the UC Ballrooms – and all students are invited.

I attended the first Senate meeting of the semester last Wednesday, where the Speaker of the Senate informed the group that two pizzas had been donated for their efforts.

When the floor was opened to senator input and one stood to talk about his successes and expectations for his constituency, a handful of Senators walked to the side of the room to get some pizza.

On the upside, “a resolution to support the construction of a sidewalk from the College of Engineering to the Ungar Computer Building” was proposed by Senators Miller and Levine to tidy up the main walkway in front of the Cox Building.

Senator Ahson told of her progress in starting an Islamic Studies class.

A bill was also passed to allocate $400 to Big Brothers, Big Sisters for the UM field trip.

Also, two new members of SG were sworn in.

Fred Daues is the new College of Arts & Sciences Senator.

The new Elections Commissioner, Martin Cruz-Mesa, plans to promote polling at student elections, but has not yet devised a plan to achieve this.

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