Philly at six! Philly at six! The group had to be in Philly at six o’clock and their car broke down in South Carolina. They ended up staying there for a week, changing their future and creating the ingenious beats they’re known for. This emerging band, composed of two guitarists, a drummer, bassist, and a lead singer, writes their own music, gets the structure down, and adds a touch of personal style. Well, it’s a mix of old and new with something great in between. They manage to innovatively fuse classic rock with hues of funk, reggae’s beats, and the fervor and zeal of jazz and blues. While most Miami bands fall into either hardcore or punk, Philly @ 6 breaks away from these typecasts smoothly creating their own musical art. Their music is invigorating, varying from slower reggae enthused jams to quicker upbeat rhythms characteristic of rock. Songs “Step Into My Room” and “Breaking Down” are two ear catchers with different tempos unique to each. The group told The Hurricane their musical influences include Incubus, Sublime, Black Crows, Harry Connick Jr. and span to 70’s blues based, pure organic sounds. These chill musicians want to record a CD and tour Florida, staying true to their vibe and “not letting it all get too big.” According to the band: “It’s like nothing you hear now- not the typical.” And unlike the mainstream rock scene, this group’s musical thang is matchless.

Philly @ 6 rocked Churchill’s Pub Sunday night at Battle of the Bands. For those not yet acquainted with this hip indie hang out, you can drop by on any night and catch some classic sports watching or check out the local music scene. This space showcases bands local and far-traveled alike. This English pub features punk night, frequent battle of the bands, jazz night, R&B and their famed Sunday night mud wrestling not to mention a packed calendar of events. You can grab a bite to eat or immerse in the culture this Little Haiti hang out emits.

You can check out Philly @ 6’s calendar at Churchill’s Pub is located at 5501 NE 2nd Ave.

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