Just Jack; and not the infamous man from NBC

Joanna Davila EDGE Editor

Jack Allsopp, singer and songwriter from Camden, England is set to release his new CD Just Jack: The Outer Marker, on March 2nd off of TVT records here in the U.S. Allsopp’s CD combines smooth electronica beats with a lyrical and poetic melodic sound. The record fills the listener with sense of euphoria, sliding from track to track with ease, singing of vanished love and an infectious feeling of constant questioning. Specifically catchy, track four, “Snowflakes”, the first single for the album, Allsopp raps the line “Does your life sometimes feel like one big fake orgasm?” referring to the confusion of a love life full of childish games. Artist in his own right, Allsopp cannot be compared, as a rapper, singer, and lyricist, his music does nothing but inspire and challenge conventional ways of thinking. Pick up the record for some chill, groove laden, tunes.

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