For those lacking a life
“Get Crunked” Friday night with the Second String Stunnas- look for pink flyers.

Battle of the Bands @ Churchills Hideway, rumored to showcase several UM bands.

“Fish is back!”

P.I.M.P. in Spanish?
Get over the idea of base and don’t blast it from your 12″ subs.

Obsessed with smoke?
Meander down to Little Havana and watch the La Gloria Cubana Cigar’s Super Roll, a national cigar rolling competition at the El Credito Cigar Factory happening Saturday, Jan. 24th.

Check out
The personals in the classifieds for some eye raising…

And seriously…
What is wrong with Michael Jackson? The man with the melting face greeted fans outside a Santa Maria courthouse and after the hearing, Jackson threw a bash at his Neverland Ranch. Notably present to the hearing were Jackson’s parents, his sister Janet, and his brother Jermaine accompanied by the Nation of Islam who have now assumed the role as Jackson’s publicist…

Chinese New Year
Yesterday, Jan. 22, started the Chinese New Year on the lunar calendar and as last year’s icon bows out, the green monkey is planning on taking over. The monkey is a symbol of cleverness and vitality, not to mention its celebrity for being a bit playful.

The Chinese believe that the animal ruling over the year of which a person was born influences personality.

So whether you were born in the year of the monkey [every twelve years] or you’re looking for a reason to party, celebrate the New Year again and don’t forget to lock lips…at least.