As most of our readers are aware, we have recently had a change of leadership at The Hurricane. This change didn’t come easily as rumors of censure quickly spread when Leigha Taber, a non-journalism student with a public relations inclination, was appointed to the position, beating out Brian Poliakoff, a media management major who had held the position for a year.

Some believed Taber would turn the paper into a 20-page newsletter for the University, distributing 20,000 copies of fluff a week.

But what they don’t realize is that a socially-conscious editor with strong P.R. skills is exactly what the paper needs. Communicating, planning, projecting and maintaining strong connections with others are all invaluable qualities of any successful leader.

What better way to get the dirt?

Note: Journalistic integrity is not the opposite of P.R. Some of the best journalists are P.R. savvy.

That said, The Hurricane is on the verge of a complete overhaul. The office is freshly painted and newly furnished, the files have been updated and most of the editorial staff is incoming. We’re ready for business.

In terms of content, we’re planning to tackle University, local, state, national and international issues in news and opinion. Also, we’re continuing with the public safety and SG beats to keep you informed about what’s going on.

Our new entertainment section is geared to be one of the most innovative in the nation, exposing things in an independent-thinking way that people from all interests will understand. All eyes will be on Miami. And your eyes should be in the section to keep up on the latest fashion and local happenings.

We’re also beginning a community outreach program to reach out to local high school journalism programs, mentoring students and holding workshops with them throughout the year.

If you have some free time during the week, stop by one of our distribution areas (the UC lower lounge, the center of the Memorial Building, the Wellness Center, the Ashe Building, both cafeterias and all the dorm lobbies) and pick up a copy of our new and improved publication.

If you have article ideas or suggestions or want to drop off your resume, stop by our office in UC 221B.

To our readers and critics: We dare you to find a flaw.