-EDGE: A fresh perspective on vice city

As a thriving and bustling metropolis Miami is known throughout the world for its chaotic and exhilarating nightlife, Latin infused culture, and classic silicone tits and palm trees. But behind the neon lights and all the overplayed hype, Miami is more than just Vice City, bare of all the fluff of what the world deems as this cities “culture.” Check out Miami’s hidden hot spots and judge for yourself:


1556 Washington Ave. South Beach

This hip boutique makes a fashion statement of its own. After its first month Miami debut, G1556 is already turning heads. Tees of “I fucked Paris Hilton” and “Save Michael” pose next to trucker hats of Von Bitch: hilarious playoffs of already mainstream controversies are its main squeeze. The space also features funky jewelry, purses, and skirts and showcases different local artists monthly in what’s known as the Full Moon Parties. Pass by on a full moon to shop and mingle alongside artists and fashionistas alike. But until then, drop in and make a statement of your own.

Tite Bite 1446 Washington Ave. South Beach

This tiny caf