When Broken Is Easily Fixed

Originality is something that’s difficult, if not near impossible to achieve, as a band these days, but that’s exactly what Silverstein set out do with their latest album When Broken Is Easily Fixed. Originally from Ontario the band is comprised of lead singer Shane Told, guitarists Neil Boshart and Josh Bradford, bassist Bill Hamilton, and drummer Paul Koehler who wanted to push the limits of their past musical experiences. The band ties together the styles of the punk, ska, and hardcore bands, which they had been a part of individually leading to the distinct sound they call their own. Transferring between soft vocals and gut-wrenching screams Told finds a way to keep listeners hooked while Hamilton and Koehler keep the rhythm in focus. The judgment of the music doesn’t matter, what is important, however, is that with this release Silverstein comes one step closer to achieving their goal of standing out in the crowd.

Remember Right Now

Just when you thought the number of mainstream punk bands had reached capacity another one is getting thrown in the mix, but it’s one that’s far less typical than most. At first glance, it would be easy to pass Chicago-based Spitalfield off as another bunch of musically-inclined rejects whining about past relationships, but don’t slap a label on them and call it a day. Sure, the relationship card has been played way too much by this genre, and even the band’s members are willing to admit they are beating a dead horse with their material, but the way they go about it makes this band special. Their current album Remember Right Now off Victory Records combines heartfelt, emotional lyrics with the smooth vocals of lead singer Mark Rose to create a sound that you’re sure to find yourself singing long after you’ve turned the record off.

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