Lyrics by Omar Sommereyns

Life & Art Associate Editor

“Strangers Abound”

Tension attack and interweaving veins
will implode then SNAP, no, no, perhaps
it will be slow, enduring CRACKS, then
they will explode and you gather the
pieces to try and make a durable cohesion,
the self is at its end, breakages delineating
its functional system, pesty rodents
drumming away in cacophonous legions –
Settle down, we need not be feeble, the
heart must not stop and chase off all the
evil, dark stares and nauseating glares, get
me out of here, I need some air, yes, yes,
somehow, out there, I’ll walk on stomping,
heart and soul gushing out and longing,
body littered on the ground in a place
unfound, just longing for nothing else but
love for life itself where strangers abound.