Hard Boiled Freebies

Life & Art Secretary

Hello everyone. Just in time to ring in the American holiday spirit of materialism, we have some free stuff to give-a-away. We’re trying to decide what was choice-r, the GTA: Vice City box-set we gave away in September or this John Woo five-DVD box-set. Makes you go hmm…

Woo, who gets cult props for directing such Hong Kong silver-bullet ballets of ultra violence like Hard Boiled, The Killer and the A Better Tomorrow series, crossed-over to the US mainstream with the Travolta post-comeback flicks Broken Arrow and Face/Off.

On December 25, Christmas Day, he has a new action flick hitting theatres, Paycheck, starring Miami-by-association’s Ben Affleck and Kill Bill’s luber hot (literally, figuratively, whatevs) Uma Thurman. It looks like Momento-meets-The Bourne Identity-meets-Ronin-meets-Face/Off: Dude loses memory in the future, runs into shady guy(s), foot chases ensue, probably hooks up with hot girl, car chases ensue, explosions, bullets flying – all that.

If you want this five-DVD box-set to become better acquainted with Woo, answer this question. Select runners-up will receive Paycheck T-shirts (again, a great holiday gift for that love of your life).

Of all of Quentin Tarantino’s flicks (in case you missed Kill Bill’s trailer there are four), which one pays uber-respect to Woo’s legendary men-with-guns standoffs?

Send your answers, one per person, to Huntlaed@hotmail.com. Winners will be contacted by an L&A affiliate, so send that one email and wait. If you get bored play Manhunt for the PS2. If you don’t hear back from us by, let’s say 2007, you didn’t win. Cheers.