LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Re “Standing up for the Palestinians” Editorial, 11/21

Re: “Standing up for the Palestinians” Editorial, 11/21

To The Editor:

This is a letter of thanks concerning the Editorial: Standing up for the Palestinians in the 11/21 issue. Having read the article we wanted to thank you for your objectivity and open outlook.
Many times in lectures on the Israeli-Palestinian issue a speaker will merely portray their own point of view and ignore challenging questions from the audience. An opinion that has not considered the alternative and questioned the challenging aspects of an extremely challenging and complex situation, is not an opinion that should be given credence to talk with authority. Lauren DeSalvo proved that her value as a respected speaker on the subject serves only the purpose of conveying her own personal opinion, and not that of broader education or understanding of the issue.
In light of this we want to extend our most sincere thanks for the article’s highlighting of that issue. It is refreshing and uplifting to know that there are people, especially those in the press, that appreciate the importance of objectivity, the imperative of education and the value of the alternative argument.

Chabad at University of Miami

In the 11/21 editorial, the name of the representative of ISM was Lauren Anzaldo. We apologize for the mistake.