Life & Art Associate Editor

In last Friday’s edition of The Miami Hurricane, the words “We Are Not the Enemy” were cut from a sign in the cover photo (shot by Al Crespo) and pasted onto the sign in another photo on page 10. Life & Art would like to apologize for any confusion and misinterpretation this may have caused, as it was done for aesthetic reasons.

The photographs used in the feature, “We Are Not the Enemy,” are part of a book by Al Crespo entitled Protest in the Land of Plenty and are not the personal views and beliefs of Mr. Crespo. Moreover, Life & Art misunderstood the allowance to use certain photos in the feature, and would like to apologize to Mr. Crespo for printing them without permission.

The direct and (any indirect) views reflected in the section last Friday regarding the University of Miami are not those of Mr. Crespo. Lastly, the feature story was not written with any malicious intent to align his work with L&A and its criticism of the Board of Publications.

Omar Sommereyns
Life & Art Associate Editor