Re: What exactly is in the C-Store? (18/11/03)

So, my fellow freaks and I were sitting around the information desk and we happened to come across an article in the November 18, 2003 issue of the Miami Hurricane. The article was titled “What exactly is in the C-Store. ” We had several problems with this article.

First of all, the people at the information desk are the same people that work at Ticketmaster. Even though we are greatly appreciative of the advertisement, we thought we would clear things up. Ticketmaster’s hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30-3:00, which is clearly stated above the window (not Sunday as referred to in the article). The Ticketmaster on campus also only accepts cash. The article stated, “On the way there, there’s a Ticketmaster in the middle – it’s just a tiny window where some freak works all day.” The problem with this is that although Ticketmaster is in a small window in that exactly location, there are many people that work in the Ticketmaster office, not just some “freak.”

Second of all, there are many things to do around the University Center and it is very sad that any student, let alone a junior, has never stepped foot in it. Some of the things that happen around the UC on a regular basis are concerts outside in the patio and club meetings upstairs. That’s in addition to the pool, billiard tables, ping pong tables, newspaper and yearbook offices, Sbarros, Storm Surge, travel agency, copy center, Credit Union, the C-store, the base of many clubs on campus, computer lab, and let’s not forget the very talented jugglers that come to the breezeway every Thursday night. Oh yeah, not to mention, the main attraction: the Ticketmaster and the information desk, where all the freaks work.

Finally, if you’re ever in the UC and have a question, the information desk is there to help. If you need a ticket to a concert, game or other event in Florida, you can buy your tickets at Ticketmaster. So, feel free to come talk to us. Although we may be weird, we certainly aren’t freaks.

P.S. The C-Store does carry Lifestyle condoms.

Justin Diamond