Criticism and Whining are the newest UM majors

Lately there seems to be a lot of whining in the air. I realize that whining is now as much an American pastime as filing lawsuits about meaningless nonsense, but it seems that some have sunk this concept to a new low or at least have beaten the dead horse until even Jack Woltz has stopped screaming (that’s a little Godfather humor). Let’s examine a couple items here.

First, do all of you realize that football is actually . . . a “game?” I know that in many ways it’s now merely another aspect of life that’s been gobbled up by large moneymaking interests, but nevertheless it’s still just a game. These things are called winning streaks precisely because they don’t last forever, even when armchair quarterbacks and second-guessers galore believe they do. Don’t take it out on Brock Berlin. Circulating a flyer calling him every sort of vicious and derogatory term is both undignified and dishonorable. I noticed that whoever wrote it didn’t sign their name. Perhaps whoever that was will realize they’re taking this “game” a little too seriously. I’d recommend that whoever that cowardly swine is, he or she should pull their head out of their ass before they hurt themselves trying to think. If it’s somebody I know, shame on you.

Then there’s the criticism of President Shalala’s program to raise money for the school as well as improve the University’s profile. It never would have occurred to me that people other than Pat Buchanan would criticize her efforts in this area. This is completely confusing to me. Let’s see, the President of this University, a woman of immense qualifications and very high-profile contacts, is using that to improve the University and raise its profile and that’s supposed to be a “questionable” thing? Does it not occur to anyone that the higher the positive profile of the school, the better a degree from it is seen to be worth? Duh. You all ought to be thanking her.

Those of you concerned about this probably just don’t like that President Shalala gets so much TV time. I guess it would just be better if we let the fabulous Mike Johnston do it. He won “Best SG in Florida” last year you know. And with that and 35 cents we can all make a phone call from any payphone on campus.

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