Let’s have Italian! Students enjoy eating on-campus at Sbarro

Of the choices given to the students of UM for on-campus dining between classes, many of them cite Sbarro as one of their favorites. Part of a national chain, known officially as “the Italian Eatery,” it offers a wide and fresh baked selection of pizzas, pastas like ziti, and soft drinks, for days when Chartwell’s is just too far away, too busy or doesn’t sound particularly appetizing.

Located in the lower University Center, across from the StormSurge Cafe, Sbarro has an in-door seating capacity for approximately a hundred people, and offers optional outdoor seating with plastic green tables outside on the University Center Patio. UM students can often be seen during the week and even the weekend, socializing and studying on the patio while eating their especially long slices of pie as if enjoying a foreign view of an Italian mountainside. Well, perhaps not, but what a tasty meatball they make!

“I would say I eat here (at Sbarro) once every two weeks. I dig it, good, cheap pizza,” says senior Mark Petronis, who is majoring in Music Business and owns a motorcycle.

Upon entering the restaurant, pick up one of the black serving trays located on the inside of the entrance wall. Slide it down the buffet-style counter and take a look at the menu behind the cooking-area. When being asked for your order, you might notice a sizeable mirror behind the day’s on-duty cook, which might prove convenient when deciding between two strombolis or one. If you need help, a Sbarro employee will gladly assist you upon request and maybe one or two casual rephrases during busy hours. Dining with friends or peers to discuss a class project? Sbarro offers whole pizzas ranging in price from $10.99-$12.99 depending on a choice of toppings that includes the basics like pepperoni, sausage, green pepper, onion and olive.

Even with those options for the taste buds, cheese pizza remains a favorite of patrons. Sophomore Barak Diskin eats at Sbarro once a year and prefers “cheese pizza, simple and plain. I like the lemonade.”

For an undetermined amount of time, the Sbarro on campus is offering a special offer to customers – $10.99 for a large pepperoni pizza and a 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola (a ticket is given to obtain the beverage at the University Center Conveinence Store nearby). On sunny days, it is quite pleasant to sit near the rear of the place, where a large window covers the wall, giving view to the University Center Swimming Pool and students getting (or trying to get) a tan and people swimming. Make note: a nice option for male and female diners alike.

A notch above the regular fast food experience, the design of Sbarro makes it stand out. Unfortunately, during the hussle-bussle motions of the workweek, few customers probably take time to take it in. The floor looks like a brown Spanish tile with slightly lighter-shaded brown tiles giving the eye a refreshing treat – it’s the little things, you know? Three rows of booths spice up the d