Campus Betterment

Hello all. This is a new column entitled, “Campus Betterment.” We encourage all UM students who see or hear something of a troubling nature on campus to contact us. Your identity will not be revealed, but if you have doubt concerning this, feel free to contact us anonymously. Since Campus Living section is new, the staff did not have the opportunity to rely on students’ cooperation and responsiveness. For this column only, journalists on the Campus Living staff and their friends substituted for you. But remember, we are students too.

You can contact us at or UMBetterment on AOL IM. Everything sent will be considered and possibly forwarded to a faculty member if deemed necessary.

On Friday, November 14, at around 1:35 a.m. I saw several white males in the McDonald Tower of Hecht on Floor 4 drinking beer and cursing incessantly.

A flyer was put under my door in Stanford Residential College, Walsh Tower, for a party on Saturday called “Beerial.” The week before, flyers for a club in Coconut Grove were put under my door as well. I wish this would stop.

I think there a few guys on my boyfriend’s floor who are plotting to steal the ducks from campus. If I hear anything, I’ll definitely send you another email.
-Xoxo, Umeyes034.

Last week, several people told me that two white males were seen walking near the Architecture Building committing a lewd sexual act. I walk at night near there and I am frightened for my safety. Is there anyone I can call about this?

Hi. Thanks for contacting Campus Living’s “Campus Betterment.” Yes, you can contact Russell Clusman at Public Safety at (305) 294-1653 or email him at