Winning or Losing: Where is the fans’ spirit?

I am appalled and disappointed with the students of this institution. At Saturday’s game versus the University of Tennessee, I was shocked that less than 75 percent of the student section at the Orange Bowl was full.

Saturday’s game was the biggest home game of the year and no one showed up. No one ever shows up unless it is versus Florida or Florida State. I was expecting there to be a line to get into the student section before the game, however, to my dismay, the student section didn’t begin to get full until 30 minutes before kickoff.

You give up, at most, six Saturdays a year to watch the best damn college football team in the country and possibly the best college football dynasty ever! There is no school spirit and it makes me sick!

It should not matter whom the football team plays, the student section should be full for every game. I don’t know if students decided not to come because the team lost the previous week, but it shouldn’t matter. This team had spoiled us with 39 straight regular season wins (second longest ever). Until last week most of us didn’t know what it was like to lose a football game. I don’t know about you, but I bleed Orange and Green. When I talk about the University of Miami it is with great pride, whether it is about our athletics or academics.

If we played Florida or Florida State, I guarantee that everyone would have been there at 9am. If you had been late you would have complained that you got bad seats because there are not enough seats for students. I know this because I have witnessed it the past five years.

The bottom line is that those of you that didn’t show up have no justification to ever complain about seating. Actually, don’t show up to any game if you are not going to be there for the team after they lose a game or play any team other than UF or FSU. There will be more room for those who are always there; win or lose; rain or shine; day or night! I am excited to watch the team win their last three games this year; win the Big East for the 4th straight year and blow out whomever they play in the FedEX Orange Bowl on New Years Day!

Greg Tabor is a first year MBA student who graduated from UM in May 2003. He can be reached at