The Ritalin Wars: D.A.R.E to keep kids on drugs

What’s the biggest joke being played on us by people older than us? If the title of the article did not already suggest it, then you could infer that it’s about the chemical substances that alter the moods and consciousness of our human mind.

There is a big joke being played on us. First, look at all the garbage we have to hear about why marijuana is so harmful yet people are being put on Ritalin. Little do they know that Ritalin is a Schedule 2 Drug, which has effects and addiction problems that are very similar to cocaine. In addition, what these idiot parents do not realize are the long-term damaging effects on physical and mental health they are creating by making people eat up that little pill. If your kid has so much energy, no American has won the New York City Marathon.

I cannot believe in my lifetime that these baby boomers have the nerve to tell us that any drugs that are not prescribed are bad. They will dismiss pot as evil but suck down that Prozac as if they should belong in the land of depression. I cannot say why people get depressed, no one really knows. Nevertheless, I do not believe that anyone taking pills will have any beneficial effects in the end. My question to most people in therapy is this: “I don’t know you and I shall not judge, but what was it in life that you could neither obtain nor achieve because of your depressive mental status?” After all this, we are being told that the 1960s and 1970s was nothing more than a bad memory that only TV could produce.

And look at the television and video games. The very first game I played was Super Mario Brothers-that small guy would ingest a mushroom and grow to be ten times bigger. Then if you were lucky, Mario would eat a peyote-containing flower to throw fireballs. Now tell me what the hell is that? And as far as TV goes, look at Nickelodeon-that show “Doug” where his friends were green and had heads shaped like oranges and pineapples. No normal person could ever make up those people without once ever tripping on acid.

Oh well, I write weird stuff because there is not enough Ritalin in me.

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