OL’ DIRTY BASHIO: Private ‘Stache and Sven’s revisioning of The Last Supper

Life & Art Editor

Albert Stache
Life & Art Secretary

Photos by Samantha Riepe
Life & Art Designer

What is this, MediaBistro.com?

Well, sort of, except the staff, media friends and fellow partiers of L&A lack that, “I write about important people in a bland cubicle all day and have a dire social life” look permeating from their eyes as they crack a smile with other boring journos and one-martini-tipsy editrixes and editors.

After making 5,000 glossy flyers and getting supremely minute amounts of zzzzz, the 1st annual “Life & Art Mustachio Bashio” went off, as L&A’s Ben Harrison would hollar, “Without a hitch!” Look out for a new L&A column entitled for “Sven und Ben’s Endless Vinyl Knowledge” in some dimension where people dress like Ben (above) everyday and cars chat about nice weather.

Our senior rap writer, Svengali Barth, went all Michelangelo on us and created this re-working of The Last Supper featuring a tribute to ‘stached vigilante Charles Bronson – in three days (!). Our wall is currently on sale for $19,000.

UM’s Private ‘Stache – Noah, MJ and B-Rob of The Empirical Mile – slayed with A+ laptop beats and more rhymes than a bottle’s got songs!

When the party was over, it looked like a dirt bike race had happened indoors. There were skate stickers everywhere, fake blood covered the bathroom, some kid left a red boxing glove on a couch (?) and some other kid was passed out on another. But it was all good. Lots of memories and connex were made. Plus, some dude named OCD Dan is cleaning our crib for ten dollars.