My opinionated opinion about other opinionators

Well, after reading the school newspaper about twenty times so far, I have realized that your paper, the one that you and I read, has too many problems.
What is the deal with this fake person asking a question about some stupid health issues? Can you at least give the initials of the name asking the question if it happens to be so real? It’s like I’m reading, “Hi, I just got into college and I’m ready to be gang raped, how can I protect myself from STI’s?” And the letter is written by Suzy Sally living in the closet of Hecht. The point is, stop with the fake questions.
Next, some of you other opinion guys have opinions that are either wimpy or wishy-washy, talk about 9/11 for the millionth time or talk about George W. Bush for the billionth time.
About the wimpy writing, stop saying, “Don’t get me wrong” or “I don’t mind”! It’s an opinion piece, not a peace treaty. You don’t write to win over friends. You do it by making yourself feel that you are capable of writing. Can’t you people start displaying some confidence into what you write? You folks certainly have the balls to submit an article, so start being a little surer of yourself.
And 9/11 is over. Ok, I don’t know why people talk about 9/11 like it’s the worst tragedy. Don’t you guys know anything about the Holocaust and how the majority of the Jewish population was wiped out? I think that the Nazi sadists posed a bigger threat to the Jewish people than 9/11 could ever do with America. And after all the crap we have done to the other countries during our brief history, don’t you think that we were DUE for an attack? This past statement has no liberal intention, but you have to realize that as a superpower, we are going to be feared and resented by other countries and some people have illogical vendettas toward us. And we need to put 9/11 into perspective. People died, that’s unfortunate and sad, but no one had to buy war bonds because of this relatively minor offense.
And George W. Bush. Look, he’s president so all you can do is complain. If you hate Curious George so much, why don’t you focus on the election that is coming up in a year from November? If you complain about someone, you sound like the nagging old woman that people ignore. Try to be a little more proactive in your politics.
I guess that’s enough complaining for one column.

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