SG UPDATE: Senate approves move to ACC, committees report

With football on the mind, the Student Government [SG] Senate met Wednesday, expressing excitement for the FSU game.
The meeting started with the swearing in of the new Hecht Residential College senator.
The first item of business was a resolution to support UM’s decision to become a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference [ACC], presented by Billy Bludgus, chief of staff of external affairs. Senate passed the resolution with unanimous consent.
The second item of business was a bill to ratify the Fall 2003 elections referenda results. These results were that, by a vote of the students, there should be an increase in the Student Activity Fee of $2.50. This increase will go directly to the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee [SAFAC] to support the funding of current and future student organizations at UM.
Committee reports followed, with updates from academic affairs, university affairs, public relations and special events.
Current projects for academic affairs include talks with school senators and their constituents and eliminating the “W” when students withdraw from a class and just having a single “drop by” date.
From the university affairs committee, expect some major changes around school; they have become a “task force” for things that need to be changed on campus. Their projects include fixing the desks in classrooms and repairing the handicapped ramps in various locations throughout campus.
Additionally, they plan on making sure the ‘Cane Card readers on vending machines and in the laundry rooms are working properly. Also, they are working on putting dry-erase boards in the Learning Center instead of the old fashioned chalk boards that are currently there.
The major project that they are undertaking is the extermination of the “furry friends” that live around the School of Music and Eaton Residential College.
Special events is continuing to plan for UNICCO Appreciation Day, scheduled for Nov. 17.
Also brought up at the meeting: Category 5 will establish an email list-serv. Anyone wishing to be a part of it should contact any Category 5 member or go to a meeting and get involved.
The next meeting is on Oct. 16 in the UC I-lounge.
Other projects and plans for events include the current “Freshman for a Day” project being established by members of the executive branch of SG. This is an event that would allow high school students to come to UM for a day and experience the life of a college student.
Finally, suggestion boxes have been placed all around campus and in the residential colleges. If you have something to say or have suggestions, fill out a form and put it in the box. Any suggestion is welcome.
Anyone with questions or concerns can contact any Student Government officer or Senator and he or she will contact the proper individuals.
For more information on Student Government, visit the SG website at, stop by the office in UC 214, call (305) 284-3082 or send an e-mail to
Senate meetings are held every Wednesday from 4 to 6 p.m. and are open to the public.

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