By Hunter Stephenson
Life & Art Editor

______________ RAP IS BACK WITH BABY BLAK ___________________

So, we’re downing Negra Modelo Darks and Kirin Ichibans in some girl’s borrowed Lex and it ‘its me that Baby Blak’s Once You Go Blak is quite simply the most ideal rap record I’ve heard in quite the minute – far surpassing Jay Dee and Madlib’s Jaylib collabo – and that’s been in my CD player for quite the minute. And then we meet up with Lil Wayne at the Royal Palm and rock music is put totally on hold…at least until the CMJ Music Marathon in NYC, which is in, what, two weeks? After we see the Rapture with the Mars Volta and go see the Panthers and Mondo Diao and Midwest Product and…wait. Yeah, rap is back like crack. Go cop that disc. Who needs Nas when you got Baby Blak? Free Beanie Sigel though -“Mac man ya’ll niggas know my name.”

______________ GLEAMING THE EURO BOOBS _____________________

Anybody who went to the beach this wke knows that America is quite the thug nation – more throwback jerseys than David Stern could give to the Salvation Army…if he wanted to…ever. Anyhow, as we’re walking down the strip, staring in awe at all of the half-ass rappers who seemingly make a living half-assed rapping – Wrap Kings, anyone? T-Mack’s Out tha Frame, anyone? – we dip into M.I.A. Skateshop, 229 9th Street. Choice gear, prody and decks on the beach – who would’ve thunk it…Xisle anyone? Big up to M.I.A., which comes here by way of Tampa and is looking to build up the beach’s counterculture scene. Shit’s got pop! Show ’em love.

__________ “GREEK GOZZIP” – TADOW! 10,000 READERS ___________

On, we listed a headline for album reviews as “Greek Gozzip, Hot Girls, Beer” and it instantly bammed up more hits than almost any other story for any other section – even more than Sven’s J-Zone interview – huh? So, from now on we’re doing this every time to see exactly how Maxim-esque our readers truly are. Spread the word, this has to stop! Stop means no – okay?

____________ MUSTACHIO BASHIO, NOVEMBER 1, 2003 ____________

‘Nuff said. Guys start growing. As Lil Wayne says, “Namean, it’s all gravy.” Mark yr calendars with a big ol’ Nate Johnson ‘stache, buy a classy pipe and a classier monocle. WorldBeard – imitate it, live it and prepare to join Colonel Mustard and Aaron Burr (guys in costumes) and a lottie lot of hot ladies for the partay to surpass all UM partays. For more info, see Nate Johnson around campus – hint he has a huge ‘fro and a huge-r ‘stache.