While watching Visual Niches 2, a compilation of music videos on DVD, I feel like I’m at some unknown house and can’t find the remote; this is terrible, it’s like waiting for MTV to drop a dope video.

Aside from not playing the same artists you see/hear every day, this thing has nothing going for it. I was only able to make it through two of the fifteen videos and this is the kind shit that makes it onto the walls at club Twist, or so I’ve heard. Basement Jaxx bite Meow Mix commercials and Babe on “Where’s Your head At? ,” somewhat creatively capitalizing on the current trend of animating mouths of animals; DJ Shadow pops up with “Walkie Talkie” (played out about a year ago); Roots Manuva stays on the side of rap that will never contribute anything to anything (for instances eating a banana in the kitchen and talking about understanding hunger on “Witness (One Hope).”

But hey, if you have a DVD player, and no antenna on your TV, leaving this on all day is a pretty good way to see how your power bill would swell if you did.