Ordering housekeeping for dorms- you’re that lazy?

One day while walking in my ideal world, I saw an advertisement for dorm room cleaning. I was appalled by the company that posted the sign, but even more appalled by the thought that some students might actually consider paying for this service.

It is one thing to have housekeeping for your two-floor, three-bedroom house, but house keeping (or room keeping in this instance) for your dorm room that is about the size of a walk-in closet seems questionable.

I can understand hiring someone to do your laundry-after all, how many of us really want to do laundry? But hiring someone to clean your dorm room is simply unacceptable (although I have seen some rooms that have looked as though a hurricane hit them-twice). Unless you have a tower-sized landfill in your room, why bother. At that point, anyway, someone should call the health department.

However, when I step outside my ideal world, I step into the real world of laziness and more laziness. Some students have trouble putting their trays on the conveyor belt at the cafeteria, or some students miss the garbage can by two inches, and others pile up garbage in the outside ash trays-so what would make me think they’d want to clean their own room?

The blame should not be placed entirely on this generation. It seems that each day something new is invented just so we can become more helpless, especially when it comes to cleaning. There is even a new machine that you can place on the floor and it will find and clean up dirt for you. I am further appalled when I see that cooking has evolved into a microwave art that promises quick results and bad taste. We thrive on the convenience these new products bring without thinking twice about our growing reliance on technology.

Our growing need to make ourselves lazier only causes businesses to capitalize on our growing pathetic nature. I guess next time I should be more clever in the future and capitalize from other people’s laziness.

Marquita Bell is a junior majoring in print journalism and creative writing. She can be reached at m_bell01@hotmail.com.