L&A PARTY CALENDAR: Binge drink with Empirical Mile, Kill Bill bash (shinobis only), Radiohead make the world fold, chug an Irish Car Bomb(s)

By Hunter Stephenson & Omar Sommereyns, Life & Art Editors-at-Large


A swimming pool, kegs, girls, boys and Empirical Mile, cough, The Empirical Mile, jammity jamming all nite long. For directions hit up EmpiricalMile.com. Water and electricity are always a good mix.

Before you read it in L&A and then, let’s say, two months later, read it in Street, why not check out Atropia Galleries, 2200 NW Second Ave., and their opening exhibit Urban Artchitexture featuring music by Clubkid. If you spaz out, you’ll see it here Tuesday. Booooooooooo!

Let the Kill Bill madness flood your mind. The Village Voice is calling this, “The Most Violent American Film Ever Made,” and Life & Art Film Critic Shawn Wines says it’s a, “Tour de Force. Non-stop action, I was on the edge of my seat!” No he didn’t. Go to Opium, 136 Collins Ave. for the official South Beach premiere, just in case QT and Uma decide to pop up for a sword fight.


Get deep and swoon like the world’s collapsing to Radiohead. Thom and band are playing at the fittingly named Sound Advice Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach w/ charming Brits Supergrass. It’s probably sold out, unless you have press passes, but visit Ticketmaster.com for the info.


Who needs school when you have Irish Car Bombs at Churchill’s Pub, 5501 NE 2nd Ave.? Punk rock jolly drunks the Vibrators w/ the Creepy T’s and the Hangovers, and Baby Dracula and…remember, this is Churchill’s…Mission X…and (the best band name ever ever ever?) Why Not? You can miss another class. Just think, “Why not?”


Now that yr brain is mush from going to Churchill’s on Sunday (dude, what were you thinking?), expand what’s left at the “Free Will and Determinism” partaaay being thrown by the UM Philosophy Club and Solutions Interdisciplinary Forum. Go to the Cox building on campus, room 145 at 6:30 p.m. Because what is not simply cannot exist. Why not?